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Michael Inglesh was born in Detroit. He has a love of frisbee and NASCAR. He looks great in blue and white. Last meal would defiantly be beer and pizza. He still is an avid reader of the vintage printed word and a huge fan of anything analog.

When it comes to to creating he prides himself on gaining the trust of clients by always keeping high standards of creative and technical services. He loves what he does, and his passion for quality content has shined through in all of his work since he first began this business of show.

As a freelancer for the last fifteen years he has been dividing his time writing and directing in New York, the city that never sleeps, that's why it looks like crap in the morning. After completing the "Upright Citizens Brigade" Sketch writing program he has begun many relationships with several performing groups, writing and directing some of their comedy shorts. 

In addition to running Cobious Films his day job has been filled on a consistent basis in the early morning hours as the main camera operator for the long time talker "Live with Kelly and Ryan".

In short, all of us at Cobious Films work diligently on projects in all stages of development, and are always happy to collaborate on productions of all types. 

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